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We are the only lawyer project managers in the Balearic Islands.

Everything you need converges in a single individual: your project manager in the Balearic Islands. One phone numer for everything.

Best Project Manager in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera

Just contact your project manager to bring tranquility into your life. From land search to key delivery, we assist you every step of the way and oversee all your projects in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera.

We coordinate, organize, and manage all project phases from inception to completion, including key handover. Additionally, we conduct comprehensive financial studies focusing on all project economic aspects and meticulously supervise final details. We ensure strict adherence to set deadlines by all companies, contractors, and workers involved.

To keep our clients informed about project status at all times, we maintain fluid and constant communication.

Buying property is always a complex process requiring essential information, professional advice, and quality. Project Management offers construction survey services to facilitate property purchases in Mallorca.

This type of survey is the most comprehensive available, examining all accessible parts of the house.

The purpose of a building survey is to identify specific property problems before finalizing a purchase deal and to provide crucial technical information, including:

Property location and legal status
Adjacent property details
Construction type and materials used
Structural conditions
Compliance verification
Identification of faults
Moisture and wood damage testing
Waterproofing, insulation, and drainage assessment
Recommendations for additional inspections and required work

A construction survey assesses the current condition of a property, providing relevant information to help save money and prevent problems in the property purchase process.

You may want to conduct a survey before purchasing a house, sometimes dictated by your mortgage provider. If you’re unsure about the right survey type, consult with a member for personalized recommendations.

We specialize in all aspects related to industrial property in Mallorca, providing professional, specialized, and independent services. Our goal is to enable fully informed property purchase decisions in Mallorca.

We manage projects for unique buildings, undertake minor house refurbishments, and carry out complete villa renovations in Mallorca. Our project design aligns with client needs and preferences, focusing on architectural design excellence and precision. We believe the quality of our environment directly impacts our lives.

Best construction manager in Mallorca and Ibiza adopts a comprehensive architectural vision, considering urban and environmental factors while emphasizing innovation, quality, and sustainability. We maintain a creative focus that respects the environment and design dynamics.

Quality, creativity, and commitment define our approach. We tailor interior design projects to the house’s aesthetics, paying attention to lighting, furniture selection, and placement, ensuring harmony in space. Personalized advice and close client contact are paramount in finding a design that best fits requirements, personality, and aesthetic priorities. When selecting furniture aligned with client tastes and needs, we interpret those needs to choose the appropriate options.

Our team of professionals is responsible for comprehensive property refurbishments in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera, from inception to completion.

In interior design, our commitment extends beyond furniture selection. We work with specialized consultants, honoring client wishes, expectations, and aesthetic preferences

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