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Tailored immigration solutions in Spain for worldwide citizens in Mallorca, Ibiza and Balearic Islands.

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Immigration lawyers in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera

Our team is expert in immigration Spanish law. We can help you with any procedure related to getting your residency in Spain as well as we have our corporate and business team working together with the immigration department, so we can make possible for you to develop your business in Spain.

Combining an incredibly deep knowledge of immigration laws with an incredibly strategic understanding of our clients’ challenges and requirements. We apply process and technology to deliver more efficient and compliant solutions.

We also can help you with work integration residency and social integration residency, if you have been living in Spain as irregular more than three years.

Investor Residence

For investors who make significant investments in Spain: real estate assets (€500,000); companies shares, investment funds or bank deposits (€1 million); public debt (€2 million), and business projects of general interest.

Entrepreneur Residence

For foreigners intending to develop an innovative business or entrepreneurial activity with special economic interest for Spain.

Highly Skilled Professional Residence

For companies hiring management staff, highly qualified professionals and graduates or postgraduates from universities and prestigious business schools.

Intra-Corporate Transferee Residence

For companies or corporate groups located in Spain or in another country transferring to Spain one or more foreigners to work or to carry out a professional training.

Digital Nomad Visa 

If you want to start working remotely in Spain our expert lawyers can help you with the digital nomad visa. Read more here.


Private and public companies and other entities hiring researchers, scientific and technical staff and universities or business schools teachers to carry out training and research activities.

Consular Services

Given the bureaucratic nature of many government bodies, and their often-exacting requirements, dealing with these entities can be a challenging – even frustrating – experience. Our team of Consular Services professionals specializes in all types of visa applications, whether tourist visas, entry visas, business visas, work visas, or passport-related applications.

We help people accurately prepare their documents ahead of submission. We will often personally visit an embassy or consulate on their behalf, saving time and frustration. We leverage our extensive knowledge of application procedures for hundreds of countries and access our robust network of government liaisons to facilitate quick and efficient filings around the globe.

Document acquisition services

Immigration inevitably requires documents. Obtaining these documents and ensuring they meet a consulate’s requirements for authentication can be a big challenge, and this is the specialty of our team.

BAL’s Document Services Team helps our clients obtain all supporting documents from their original sources, including court records; police clearance certificates; birth, adoption, or custody certificates; marriage records; and medical records. We take this burden off your employees and do the legwork for them.

If you have any questions you can write to the specialist, she will be happy to help you.

Mar Roman:

Phone: +34 680464800

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