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Immigration lawyers in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera

Our team is expert in immigration Spanish law. We can help you with any procedure related to getting your residency in Spain as well as we have our corporate and business team working together with the immigration department, so we can make possible for you to develop your business in Spain.

Combining an incredibly deep knowledge of immigration laws with an incredibly strategic understanding of our clients’ challenges and requirements. We apply process and technology to deliver more efficient and compliant solutions.

Non EU citizens

These are the available options to get your residency in Spain if you are not a citizen of the European Union, and you are not irregular in Spain. If any of these options fits your situation, just let us know and our immigration lawyers will find a solution for you.

Non lucrative visa

Live in Spain without working. If you can prove you have enough economic resources to be able to support yourself during your stay, you can live in Spain.

Limitations: You will not be allowed to work in Spain. You can be outside of Spain a maximum of 180 days per year.

Our experts in immigration law will help you determine which type of residency  is the best for your specific case, taking into consideration your long and short term needs.

Self-Employed Work Permit in Spain

As the foreign person can’t apply for self-employed work permit while it’s in Spain, the person must go to the Spanish consulate where they live to apply. Our team can help you with consular services in any Country and we can help you obtaining self-employed work permit in Spain.

Employed Worker Work Permit in Spain

We help people and companies with all immigration matters, due to it’s a normal practice when a company based in Spain wants to hire a foreigner but the application can be a long process and a lot of documentation is needs, we can do the work for you either if your are an employer or employee, our legal team can help you with the procedure of hiring and obtaining work permit in Spain.

That the national employment situation allows for hiring, which means:

  • The occupation that the worker is going to carry out in the company is included in the catalog of occupations that are difficult to cover, published by the Public Employment Service on a quarterly basis.
  • An authority at the Immigration Office considers that it has not been possible to meet the requirements of the job in accordance with the job posting issued by the Public Employment Service.
  • The authorization is targeted to nationals of States with which Spain has signed international agreements (Chile and Peru)..
  • They can prove the concurrence of an assumption included in article 40 of the Organic Law 4/2000
  • Present a contract signed by the employer and worker that guarantees the worker continuous work during the period of validity of the authorization to reside and work.

In other hand,  if you have a job offer in Spain in a highly qualified position or you have a qualified degree at a prestigious university and would like to work in Spain, then the highly skilled professional visa is your work permit.

Study in Spain

If you want to take a course which will last more than three months, you need a visa to properly enter into the Schengen area. This visa gives you the authorization to study, not to work.

The first Study Visa must be requested at the Spanish Consulate of your country of origin or residence. It cannot be requested in Spain while you are a tourist.

Requirements to obtain a study visa:

  • Have been admitted into an officially recognized institution in Spain for the purpose of studying full-time in a program working towards obtaining a degree or certificate of studies. The course can’t be online or semi-presential.
  • Have sufficient economic means for yourself to cover your expenses during your stay and return to your country.
  • Depending on the consulate where you need to apply, some details will vary for the insurance, such as length of stay.
  • Criminal record will be needed if you are an adult.
Student visa renewals

Can be requested in Spain, at the immigration office. You don’t need to go back to your country if you want to take the next courses of your studies in Spain.

Within 60 days before your authorization for a study stay expires, you can request the renewal of the authorization. To do this you must continue to meet same requirements as in your original visa application, that is, have financial means, medical insurance and have no criminal record. In addition, you must have completed the studies for which you were registered and be enrolled in the next course.

Student work permits

You also can get an authorization to work while you have an student permit. Spanish regulations allow foreigners with a valid study permit to request an authorization to work while they are not studying. That is, part-time while you are taking classes and full-time in the summer.

Family reunification

This type of residency process is for these foreigner who have resided legally in Spain for one year, and if they are going to stay one more year in Spain they can reunificate their family in Spain, applying for a residency and work permit for their family members (spouse, domestic partner, children or parents) who are in their country of origin.

Spanish residency through family ties

This residency may be granted in certain exceptional family circumstances, in particular when the foreigner in Spain is a father or mother, responsible for and lives with a minor who is a Spanish national or the foreigner is the son or daughter of a Spanish father or mother.

This situation does not require any previous residency in Spain and can the residency permit even be requested during a tourist stay, whenever the following information is provided:

  • In the case of being a parent of a minor of Spanish nationality:
    • Birth certificate of the minor, where the family relationship is demonstrated.
    • Family registration (empadronamiento familiar).
    • Criminal record certificate from the country of origin of the individual, duly legalized and translated, where appropriate.
  • In the case of being a child of a father or mother of Spanish origin:
    • Birth certificate of the individual, duly legalized and translated where appropriate.
    • Birth certificate from the Spanish Civil Registry, which shows that the nationality of the father or mother is of Spanish origin.
    • Criminal record certificate of the individual, duly legalized and translated where appropriate.

EU Citizens

These are the options and the conditions for the exercise of the rights of entry and exit, free movement, stay, residence and work in Spain by citizens of other member states of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and Switzerland , as well as their relatives.

Residency card for EU citizens

If you are an EU citizen and you want to live and work in Spain for a period longer than 6 months, you need to get your residency card “the green card” which give you the NIE number and copy your data in the European citizens living in Spain’s register.

Registration certificate

If residence in Spain is to be established for a period of more than three months, the citizen must request the registration certificate.

Residency card for family of an EU citizen

Non-EU foreigners who have Spanish relatives or family in an EU country can apply for a residency card, which lasts for five years, with which they can work on their own or for a third-party.

Who? Spouse or registered partner, children and ascendants under regulated circumstances, any member of the family who in the country of origin is in charge of the EU citizen or has health problems.


Residency card for the extended family of an EU citizen

Who can be “extended family”? Brothers, sisters, grandchildren, grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews.

In these cases, it must be demonstrated that these relatives have depended economically on the Spanish citizen residing in Spain for at least the last 24 months.

Requirements: The EU citizen must have the economic means that guarantee this dependence for their relatives and it will be essential that the family members have private health insurance in Spain.


We also can help you with work integration residency and social integration residency, if you have been living in Spain as irregular more than three years.

Investor Residence

For investors who make significant investments in Spain: real estate assets (€500,000); companies shares, investment funds or bank deposits (€1 million); public debt (€2 million), and business projects of general interest.

Entrepreneur Residence

For foreigners intending to develop an innovative business or entrepreneurial activity with special economic interest for Spain.

Highly Skilled Professional Residence

For companies hiring management staff, highly qualified professionals and graduates or postgraduates from universities and prestigious business schools.

Intra-Corporate Transferee Residence

For companies or corporate groups located in Spain or in another country transferring to Spain one or more foreigners to work or to carry out a professional training.


Private and public companies and other entities hiring researchers, scientific and technical staff and universities or business schools teachers to carry out training and research activities.

Consular Services

Given the bureaucratic nature of many government bodies, and their often-exacting requirements, dealing with these entities can be a challenging – even frustrating – experience. Our team of Consular Services professionals specializes in all types of visa applications, whether tourist visas, entry visas, business visas, work visas, or passport-related applications.

We help people accurately prepare their documents ahead of submission. We will often personally visit an embassy or consulate on their behalf, saving time and frustration. We leverage our extensive knowledge of application procedures for hundreds of countries and access our robust network of government liaisons to facilitate quick and efficient filings around the globe.

Document acquisition services

Immigration inevitably requires documents. Obtaining these documents and ensuring they meet a consulate’s requirements for authentication can be a big challenge, and this is the specialty of our team.

BAL’s Document Services Team helps our clients obtain all supporting documents from their original sources, including court records; police clearance certificates; birth, adoption, or custody certificates; marriage records; and medical records. We take this burden off your employees and do the legwork for them.


If you have any questions you can write to the specialist, she will be happy to help you.

Mar Roman:

Phone: +34 680464800

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