NIE in Mallorca

How to get the NIE in Mallorca?

There are many actions you can’t do without a NIE in Mallorca. If you’re thinking about buying property, start a company or simply or simply need a phone contract, you’re going to need to have one. But what is a NIE in the first place?

What does NIE exactly mean?

In Spain there are two kinds of identity documents, one called DNI and the other NIE. In the one hand, DNI is Documento nacional de identidad, which means to National identity document, and is the one used by Spanish born people. In the other hand, NIE means Número de identidad extranjero, which translates to Foreigner Identification Number. They are issued by the government to people who spend a notable amount of time in the island. Any one from the European Union has the possibility to get one and benefit from it.

Before explaining with detail the steps one has to go through to get a NIE, you need to know that the process will be much easier if you can communicate in Spanish.

Requirements to get a NIE

There are three requirements to be able to benefit from a NIE:

Not being in an irregular situation (illegally staying in Spain).

Applying for professional, economic or social reasons.

Communicating the motives by which you apply for the NIE.

Steps needed to get a NIE

There are different ways to achieve this goal, but this is the easiest and most efficient one:

To apply for NIE, we take care of the whole procedure. From start to finish with the sole objective that you do not have any problems or concerns. We are expert lawyers in Palma de Mallorca.


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