Residency in Mallorca

How to get Residency in Mallorca?

Do you want to live for more than three months a year in Mallorca? Then, you will need a Residence Certificate. In this site you’ll find all the information needed to get Residency.

What does Residency exactly mean?

Residency means you’re registered as living in Spain, and this applies to anyone who spends more than 3 months a year in the country. It is, in fact, you are required by law to hold a Residence Certificate if you have spent more than 3 months in one year.

If you are looking forward to becoming an official resident of Mallorca, you officially must get an NIE, register with the Spanish tax service, and register in the village of your residence

Before going through the steps to follow to get your Residency, it is important to know that in some countries you might have to de-register from their country of residence.

Finally, that the process will be much easier if we do it for you (No worries). We are professionals in immigration and law.

NIE, Empadronamiento and Residency

There are different ways to achieve this goal, but this is the easiest and most efficient one:

NIE number

The NIE tax number for foreigners from Government is required to make any kind of financial transaction. It can also serve as proof to the government your home country that you have really left the country and are now residing in Spain, so it is important to apply for it and collect it.

In this link you will be able to follow easy steps to obtain it. (PONER AQUI LINK DEL ARTICULO NIE).

Requirements to get a NIE

There are three requirements to be able to benefit from a NIE:

Not being in an irregular situation (illegally staying in Spain).

Applying for professional, economic or social reasons.

Communicating the motives by which you apply for the NIE.


Empadronamiento is the registration of a person in the census (official registry in which the inhabitants of a town appear). Therefore, you need to register yourself with the authorities of your new municipality in Mallorca. To get it you will need a passport or identity card and proof of domicile.

You will have to be registered at the town hall if you plan to apply for Spanish Residence, register a child in school, get married or apply for a local health insurance card, called Tarjeta Sanitaria.


To apply for Residency, we take care of the whole procedure. From start to finish with the sole objective that you do not have any problems or concerns.


If you live Mallorca, once you acquire your Residencia, you should take advantage of what’s called a Certificado de Residencia to travel. This document allows you to travel amongst the islands and mainland, either by Spanish airline or ferry at a 75% discounted rate on the fare, excluding tax fees. Every person in Mallorca who is empadronada uses it and so should you!

For more information please visit: Lawyers advice for foreign procedures of immigration law

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