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We are a global firm singularly focused on meeting the immigration challenges of corporate clients around the world in ways that make immigration more strategic and clients more successful.

We understand corporate immigration and how to get things done. Efficient execution is vital but true effectiveness requires a holistic approach and a true partnership.

Entepreneur and Investor Visa in Spain.

Once your program is properly constructed, our Business Visa Team starts to execute individual visa applications. We confirm requirements, procure the right documents, and prepare the application forms for your employees, rather than putting that burden on them. On your behalf, we request the legally correct visa for the purpose and duration of the trip. We often work directly with consular officials to understand their local requirements and to advocate for your needs. We track and follow up with everything, including return logistics as well as monitoring expiration dates and time limits.

Our goal is not to simply get the task done – it’s to deliver positive results, in the shortest possible time, and with the least amount of burden on the traveler, while ensuring your company remains in compliance at every step of the business visa process. We streamline the business visa process for the traveler and your company, and provide a supportive experience for your employees.

Foreigners from outside the EU who are planning to develop an innovative entrepreneurial activity with special economic interest for Spain, may request an express entrepreneur residency authorization, which is valid for two years, is renewable, and enables them to develop an economic activity as an entrepreneur.

We will provide you all information and legal advice required as well as we will guide you and your future business in Spain to get the validation and athorization for residency in Spain. Due to a favorable report on the entrepreneurial and business activity that will be developed in Spain is required, our experts can take care of it, before the application, meanwhile the procedure, and once you get it we will take care of your business so you can fulfill spanish business law and any issues.

What kind of projects can apply for entrepreneur visa? Projects that qualify for this route include business or entrepreneurial activities that create jobs, or are innovative in Spain, or involve investment in Spain.

Set up a company in Spain

Our corporate and business team can carry with the task “Form a company in Spain” as well as they can manage the process of getting the company ready to operate in the Spanish market, as our project management department for companies, providing legal consulting and accounting every month.

If you prefer not to travel to Spain we can carry all the procedure, we just need you to give us a power of attorney so we can represent you in the company formation in any matter.

Our team know which are the steps to form a company in Spain as well as the corporate business Spanish law, so we can help you and solve any issue with your business develop.

What if I am an EU citizen? Do I need the entrepreneur visa to develop my business in Spain? No, you do not need to apply for entrepreneur visa. You can set up your company if these fulfill the Spanish business law requirements. We can help you to set up you company in Spain and help you in any legal matter or provide you our experts as project manager for investments or business.

 Buying a property in Spain

We have a legal service to help clients to buy a property or invest in real estate in Spain. Our property purchase department and real estate lawyers will guide you through the purchase from the beginning until the very end, providing you the perfect legal advise and assistance in any matter. We know how the spanish law is regulated in real estate matters and the most common mistakes a buyers do usually, which can lead to very serious legal problems in Spain. For this reason we recommend to consult our real estate lawyers for a legal recommendation. The purchase process can be challenging so we can also provide to our clients a project managament of the purchase so they can remain calm in every phase of the process.

You can avoid to travelling to Spain during the process or for the closing if you decide to give us a power of attorney, so we can represent you and your interests in any situation related to the purchase.

We will take care of any pitfall involved, making sure the property is free from defects or others pitfalls as: the property is not registered (because it is illeaglly built); many brookers involved; property was sold to more than one buyer; the property is delivered with defects.

Invest in Real Estate in Spain. Get your Investor Visa in Spain

If you are buying a property you can save on taxes by creating a company.

If you buy a property principally as an investment, then depending on the value of the property or properties and your future plans, it may be cost-effective to form a company (SL), paying off the cost of forming the SL and accounting for the SL.

You should consider the question of whether to become a legal resident or not, and whether to create an SL or not, as part of your international tax plan, a plan that should be thought out if you live or work in more than one country.

Our experts will provide you the best legal advise depending on your needs. Investing in Real Estate in Spain is a great form to get an Investor Visa, that means you can get your residency in Spain for you and your family members.

Project Management and strategic planning

Through dedicated consultants and cross-functional project management, we help you become much more proactive in your mobilization decisions. We enable you to focus on the big picture approach to your populations and take advantage of a comprehensive platform to make more informed decisions regarding hiring and mobilization. The result is a highly strategic and bespoke approach to immigration that focuses on every aspect of your program including recruiting, workforce planning, human resources policy and guidance, global mobility, technology, and government relations.

  • Strategic Planning. We incorporates strategic planning at every stage of our relationship with your company, from the initial onboarding as our client to our partnering with you as your business changes and evolves. Strategic planning is embedded in every aspect of our transactional practice, including employment visas, business visas, permanent residency, consular services, document acquisition and authentication. We seek partnerships with our clients, and we approach the entire relationship with the goal of building enduring strategic programs. This means knowing your company and working with you in business growth planning, new country entry planning, and workforce planning, to name a few. In addition to your day-to-day team, legal consulting is also available to help guide you in your pursuit of the exceptional.
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