Family law in Majorca & Ibiza

In Castell Law we are passionate about the practical application of Family law in the defense of the interest of our clients.

Family Law in Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca

If you are living in a complex family situation, can give you sincere advice or help you resolve your family law issues. Our lawyers provide you solutions based on the legal norms that regulate the matters that affect the members of a family. 

Family law is framed within the field of Civil Law, which regulates the main aspects of this speciality, and is complemented by a series of specific laws that have been enacted to adapt the regulation of this institution, the family, to social reality.

Our expert Family lawyers will help you to resolve the problem if it involves filing documents in court when it comes to issues of child custody or assed division.

Castell Law can help you with:

  • Marriage
  • International marriages and unions
  • Divorce and spousal support
  • Filiation
  • Guardianship or child custody and protection of minors
  • Family assets
  • Hereditary successions

Family Law experts 

Our Family lawyers’s main motivation is to defend the interest of our clients. Our experience in the sector allows us to offer a close and customised treatment, in keeping with our clients specific needs. According to our values, our work must not only solve the case that is presented to us, but we must emotionally support our clients to make it more bearable.

In Castell Law, our Family lawyers are experts jurists in this normative matter and they will assist and advise you in the different situations and conflicts that occur within the family: from the celebration or dissolution of a marriage with people of different nationalities, up to international adoption or the rights that protect couples who, without being married, maintain a stable relationship. Without forgetting the necessary knowledge of testamentary regulations that our family lawyers master.

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