Administrative Law in Majorca & Ibiza

Expert lawyers in Administrative Law, specialized in litigation, advice and prevention as regards the area of ​​public sector contracts.

Administrative Law in Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca

Administrative law is all that in which a public entity (the public administration or its organizations) participates. Specifically, Administrative Law is the area of ​​Law that is in charge of regulating the relations between the State and the citizens, the administrative function and the State’s own activity. It is one of the branches of Law most used every day as a result of the large number of functions with which it is related.

At Castell Law we have a team of Administrative lawyers, who are experts in Administrative law and will advise you on any questions or procedures. 

We offer our services to public administrations, companies, foundations and other institutions of the public sector in drafting and formalizing specifications of general and particular administrative clauses.

Likewise, in Castell Law we are also specialized in any type of administrative claim against any public entity, such as administrative claims or appeals for contentious-administrative matters.

Our lawyers provide advice in the following areas of administrative law and in its contentious-administrative part:

  • Patrimonial liability of public administrations or staff
  • Public aid and subsidies
  • Public procurement
  • Administrative procedures
  • Administrative appeal
  • Drafting of requests to the Public Administration
  • Administrative actions in general: requests, briefs, allegations and objections
  • Defense against sanctioning procedures (closure of premises, fines, etc.)
  • Actions against the filing of urban and construction procedures.
  • … and more!

Furthermore, our lawyers process all kinds of licences and financial claims against the Administration. We advise and work against expropriations, avoiding them or claiming for them fair economic compensation in order to protect the rights and interests of our clients.

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